Frederik Heisler /Drums

Julian Knörzer /Beatbox

Emanuel Techke /Bass

Sebastian Scheipers /Guitar

Florian Favre /Piano

Raphael Rosse /Trombone

Simon Girard, Trombone

Simon Girard /Trombone

Simon Girard was born 1985 in a small town of France called Chalon sur Saone. He started music as drummer at the age of three  but chose to change to a melodic instrument, the trombone, when he was seven. His musical education was first classical and he won the "prix de conservatoire" (DEM) in 2007 in Dijon. Soon he felt attracted by improvisation. After the classical conservatory he went on to study in Brussels, Belgium with Phil Abraham teacher at the Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles. After that he studied in Basel, Weitzerland with Adrian Mears. Currently he plays with Franck Tortiller, the Luzern Jazz Orchestra, the Zürich Jazz Orchestra, the Keystone Big Band, le Big Band Chalon Bourgogne Bigre, magnetband and his own project KROM.

Florian Möbes /Guitar

Johannes Maikranz /Guitar

Lou Lecaudey /Trombone

Peter Stöcklin /Rap