Frederik Heisler /Drums

Julian Knörzer /Beatbox

Emanuel Techke /Bass

Sebastian Scheipers, Guitar

Sebastian Scheipers /Guitar

At the age of 9 he started lessons in classical guitar. At 14 he switched to playing the electric guitar. Shortly after he founded his first band "Jazzattack". Among other prizes he won the first prize of the German "Jugend-jazzt" (jazzing youth) competition with this band, and 2013 he was winner of the VIA Award and the Berlin Music Video Awards with the band "Otto Normal". From 2006 to 2012 he studied music at the University of Basle with Wolfgang Muthspiel, Matthieu Michel, Hans Feigenwinter, Aydin Esen, Malcolm Braff, Larry Grenadier and many more. Besides the band "Magnetband", Sebastian Scheipers is featured in many other bands and projects such as "Toni Crash", "Levin", "Judy Birdland", "Otto Normal".

Florian Favre /Piano

Raphael Rosse /Trombone

Simon Girard /Trombone

Florian Möbes /Guitar

Johannes Maikranz /Guitar

Lou Lecaudey /Trombone

Peter Stöcklin /Rap