Frederik Heisler /Drums

Julian Knörzer /Beatbox

Emanuel Techke /Bass

Sebastian Scheipers /Guitar

Florian Favre /Piano

Raphael Rosse /Trombone

Simon Girard /Trombone

Florian Möbes /Guitar

Johannes Maikranz /Guitar

Lou Lecaudey, Trombone

Lou Lecaudey /Trombone

Lou was born and raised in Lyon, France, and started trombone aged 7.  He quickly developped a big interest into jazz and improvised music, and studied in the jazz school of Lyon for 4 years. He then was a very active and asked trombonist on the local jazz scene, as well as trombone and jazz teacher.  After graduating he moved to Basel to study with the great Australian trombonist Adrian Mears and started to play abrought in a lot of different setups - from small jazz combo to big band, also trombone trio or pop bands. He now lives in Berlin where he's leading his own quartet and trio, featuring a few  of the best musicians in the city. He's also a member of the New German Art Orchestra.

Peter Stöcklin /Rap