Frederik Heisler /Drums

Julian Knörzer, Beatbox

Julian Knörzer /Beatbox

Julian has been a beatboxer in many different bands and projects for almost 15 years now.
He studied music education at Music University Freiburg (GER) an Jazz Vocals at Jazzschule Basel (CH). The main focus of his musical life is working with A Cappella ensembles and choirs. His own groups „Acoustic Instinct“ and „Unduzo“ won different prizes in Germany. Since 2009 Julian is teaching Beatboxing and Vocal Percussion at the Music University Freiburg.

Emanuel Techke /Bass

Sebastian Scheipers /Guitar

Florian Favre /Piano

Raphael Rosse /Trombone

Simon Girard /Trombone

Florian Möbes /Guitar

Johannes Maikranz /Guitar

Lou Lecaudey /Trombone

Peter Stöcklin /Rap