Frederik Heisler /Drums

Julian Knörzer /Beatbox

Emanuel Teschke, Bass

Emanuel Teschke /Bass

"EEEE" grew up in a musical family. After he had taken many years of piano, violin and guitar lessons, he started to play the Bass at the age of 16. Since then he has contributed to countless projects in theSouthern German and Swiss music scenes. Some of those projects include the band "Otto Normal," Max Mutzke, John Watts (Fischer Z), and Magnetband. In addition to band projects he frequents radio broadcasts for SWR and numorus studio jobs in Luxemburg, Basel and Luzern. In 2012, Emanuel completed his Masters of Arts at Muskakademie Basel/Luzern under the direction from renowned teachers such as Larry Grenadier, Jorge Rossy and Wolfgang Muthspiel. Funk, Jazz, Rock, House, Pop or even Electronic music.

Sebastian Scheipers /Guitar

Florian Favre /Piano

Raphael Rosse /Trombone

Simon Girard /Trombone

Florian Möbes /Guitar

Johannes Maikranz /Guitar

Lou Lecaudey /Trombone

Peter Stöcklin /Rap