Created by the mind of renknowned drummer Frederik Heisler, Magnetband is a collective that stirs up the scene around Germany, Switzerland and France. With a core of seven young, talented and honourable musicians from four countries, the live cast features awarded beatboxer Julian Knörzer along with International Jazzhaus Piano Solo Competition Winner Florian Favre on piano. Furthermore Emanuel Teschke on bass, Sebastian Scheipers/Florian Möbes on guitar and two highly energetic trombones Simon Girard and Raphael Rossé complete the set up. Extensions of the band include Lou Lecaudey (tb), Johannes Maikranz (guit) and well known vocalist and MC Chabezo (Otto Normal). With a new sound and experimental attitude towards the artform Magnetband is Funk, Jazz, HipHop, Brass, Electro, everything at once depending on the moment you're getting magnetized. With the Downbeat award the collective has proven it is a force.

" Drei Deutsche, zwei Franzosen, ein Schweizer und ein Australier bilden eine verschworene Gemeinschaft. "
Badische Zeitung

" a great, young, refreshing sound “
Badische Zeitung

" ... the magnetic force keeps getting stronger by the minute ... "
Jorge Rossy

Jazz in Barcelona